Friday, September 10, 2010


Some people go to the big city and get mugged.  Some fall down stairs or have traffic accidents.  I get bug bites.  Sigh!

Yesterday, while on that double-decker bus, I felt what I assumed was someone sticking a needle in the side of my neck.  Since we were near Embassy Row, I thought maybe I was the victim of espionage.  I slapped at it and it turned out to be a itty, bitty bug.  I have no idea what it was since I pretty much obliterated it when I hit it.  Then, another one got me under the chin and another on my chest.  It was like a red-hot coal -- like a sting. 

They didn't bother me at all yesterday -- just turned a little red.  Now, today, I have these big itchy welts with an additional one on the side of my thumb.  I could have stayed home if I was going to get attacked by bugs; at least I know how to handle bites/stings from American bugs!

Great day today at the Tower of London.  Saw the Crown Jewels and the spot where the beheadings took place -- pretty cool.  The Tower is a royal property so it's guarded by the guys with the big fur hats.  Interestingly, those guys carry fully automatic weapons as they do their little march.  This guy is guarding the Crown Jewels, though, so I'm guessing he's pretty serious about that weapon.  Maybe more so than guarding the Royal Family!

The place has a bunch of cannons all over the place and I wanted to bring one home for Dad, but I couldn't figure out how to get it in my bag.  Managed to find a couple things in the gift shop for myself, though.  

Also took a little boat cruise on the Thames and later (after I did a little laundry) found this really great pub with fabulous food!  I had a salad that Susie would die for; it had apples, walnuts and Stilton cheese.  Stilton is the best bleu cheese I've ever had.  Also had a cottage pie made with chicken, mushrooms and cheese (brie) baked under a beautiful puff pastry.  Good thing I did so much walking today (over 15 miles / a little more than 20,000 steps). 

Virtuously, I declined dessert.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I may have to wait and make my plans on the fly.  I had intended to go to Winchester to see the cathedral and to Windsor to see the castle.  Both of those would entail being outdoors quite a bit so it may end up being a day for the museums or one of the cathedrals here in London.

Oh,and speaking of food,  I finally got my full English breakfast this morning.  If I went for the whole thing, it would have been eggs, bacon (more like ham, really), sausage, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and toast.  I passed on the baked beans and sausages.  I also thought "This is England; you should have orange marmalade on your toast."  I tried it years ago and didn't like it, but I decided that my taste buds have matured.  So I put it on and tried it and......hated it still.  Strawberry jam is so much better!


  1. Do you think they can see anything while wearing the big fur hats? Looks like they would have to have eye-holes cut in them. I'd love a good Stilton - reminds me of Agatha Christie books. Good thing I've got some romaine, Granny Smith apples and Gorgonzola in the fridge - I can create a substitute. The food all sounds great and the breakfast looks quite charming. Only someone in our family could be that excited over the site of beheadings. Cool. Your pictures are awesome. I'm sure you'll be able to find googd stuff to do, rain or shine.

  2. Bill said the guys they saw in the big fur hats were very young. Like 17 - 18. Figured they had to be young to stand at attention for that long at a time. Did you do the Jack the Ripper walk?
    Sounds like the sights and food have been good. The beheadings sound cool, seems like they could do a few a day for the tourists. Are you going to any old cemetaries to see where Dickens or Shakespear are buried?

  3. I like the English breakfast photo, especially with the little thing of tea. That's cool!

    Hope you heal soon from the bites. Keep having fun!!!